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Patient focused journey starts here

Patient focused journey starts here

Telemedi’s novel approach for digital healthcare.

Telemedicine has grown considerably in recent years. There are different approaches, channels and technologies involved in this new way of consultation. However, the main principle must remain the same, giving patients the medical health solution they need.

Fast and efficient

Most companies in the digital healthcare environment are using a technology-focused approach, where the main, and most important aspect of their solution is the technology. In fact, the most important aspect of a medical service is the patient, their needs and the solution we can bring to their medical conditions, pathologies, mental health and wellbeing.

Technology is not mandatory, healthcare is

The “Patient-focus” approach in telemedicine and ehealth aims to bring back the most important aspect of a medical service, the humane factor. This novel trend is being triggered by the same technological evolution that has brought telemedicine and ehealth to our daily lives, however, its importance increases exponentially hence the patient must feel closer to their health service.

Focus on the patient, then the technology

The personalization in telemedicine and eHealth is an approach where the “one size fits all” claim is abolished. Iit is a combination of different aspects related to patient’s care. Some were common in standard medicine, others are new applications possible nowadays due to technological advances. The new personalization process is a multifaceted approach in which there are at least six steps to take into account:

  1. Risk assessment
  2. Primary prevention
  3. Early detection
  4. Accurate diagnosis
  5. Early treatment
  6. Chronic management & secondary prevention

Telemedicine is a challenge even when all resources are available, the main reason for this is the difficult assessment healthcare professionals need to perform through digital channels to be able to tackle all patient’s needs. A proper personalized healthcare is one where the doctor will give the patient the possibility to:

  1. Express concern and attention.
  2. Empower patients to be part of the decision-making process.
  3. Create a long-lasting relationship with the patient. 
  4. Reach out to the patient’s feelings and concerns.

Patients will always have a reason for their consultations, this reason might not be obvious in some cases, but any healthcare professional should have the ability to find the real reason for the consultation and guide the patient towards a journey to find a definitive solution for its necessities. The new patient – journey is a process focused on those four steps:

  1. Patient health condition/disease.
  2. Doctor’s guidance and coaching.
  3. Concerted decision making.
  4. Final recommendations.

Let’s enhance the patient’s journey throughout telemedicine and ehealth by boosting together the new patient-focus approach in the digital healthcare revolution.


Patient focused approach in telemedicine


“Patient focused approach in telemedicine”